Leaf Platter 31cm
Leaf Platter 31cm
Bordello Pinheiro

Leaf Platter 31cm

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The heralded makers of Bordallo Pinheiro.In 1884 Bordallo began his ceramics production at the Fábrica de Faianças in Caldas, revealing pieces of great technical, artistic and creative quality, developing azulejos (blue tiles), panels, pots, table centerpieces, vase busts, fountain basins, pitchers, plates, perfume bottles, vases and gigantic animals, etc. 
Resurrected for a modern customer, Pinheiro is back with their famous hand painted earthenware. These platters are a wonderful ornamental piece, as well as a functional platter for warm summer entertaining.
Dishwasher & microwave safe (horray!) 
H 50 mm x L 310 mm x D 200 mm
Made in Portugal 

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