May your plants flourish!


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Plants - we love 'em and quite frankly, can’t get enough of them! An indoor garden can be your oasis from the outside world, especially in London, where many of us are challenged for outside space. The benefits of adding plants into your home are endless. From (often inexpensively) visually improving a room to helping purify the air and generating oxygen, there are numerous reasons to start building your urban jungle.

It’s always worthwhile doing a bit of research into where your choice of plant will thrive, and investigating the amount of water/sunlight/drainage they will need and figuring out which room/environment your plant will flourish in. Some plants are better suited to humid environments, making them perfect for the bathroom/kitchen, others love to be bathed in sunlight, making them best suited to a windowsill, whilst others emit their oxygen during the night, making them the perfect plant to keep in the bedroom, so it’s always good to do a little research when thinking of adding new plants into your home.

To make things a little easier and to help you make the most of your plants, we’ve created a free plant guide. See below to download your copy. We're passionate about plant care, so feel free to pop into store or shoot us an email -

May your plants flourish!

Click here for your free plant care guide!

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