Creating Cassius & Coco's brand identity.


Brand identity is paramount to the success of any brand, especially in an ever-increasing visual world. Branding helps set the tone of your small business and helps to create a personality for your brand, which is vital for attracting your target audience.

To help you get to know Cassius & Coco a little better, we thought we’d lift the lid on our branding, so you can see the process and decisions we made in making Cassius & Coco what it is today.

Picking a Font

Our font, Futura, was designed by Paul Renner in 1927 and is a geometric sans-serif typeface and is often cited as a forward thinking font which promotes efficiency. Futura’s original design came from the Bauhaus philosophy that "form follows function". It’s clean and simple, and, although being a classic font, promotes a modern and contemporary feel, which we felt tied in with our brand keywords ‘thoughtful, considered and curated’.

Selecting our colour.

Whilst typography will grab an audience’s attention, it’s important to consider all your other creative brand elements, which will keep them captivated for longer. This is where we introduce our colour choice. We wanted to offset our bold font with a decisive colour palette; colour is an important element when creating a brand identity, it has the power to assist in how people view and place your brand. We selected a vivid blue for our logo background, pantone reference 635 U, if you’re interested! Our brand is bright and summery and we thought this shade of blue represented our brand personality and fits in really well with the products we sell (you can see our store here) helping to create a fluid and all-encompassing brand.

The colour blue is also a highly favoured colour for both men and women, as an interiors brand that aims to serve the community, we wanted to create a brand that has a wide spread appeal but, like all colours, it comes with connotations. We’ve done a deep dive into our colour psychology as told in the brilliant book “How to Style a Brand” by Fiona Humberstone. Here’s some info on the two colours we selected for our brand.

Blue – intelligent, logical, ordered, calm, efficient, cool, serene, trustworthy, soothing, clear, forward thinking, communicative, focused and reflective.

White font – clear, pure, simple, efficient, uncompromising, clean, hygienic, illuminating, sophisticated, and ethereal.

Although the blue we've selected could be seen as quite playful, you can see from the connotations listed above that we’ve sought to create a communicative and trustworthy brand!

Image Source:  Pantone.

Image Source: Pantone.

Hannah Gabrielle More