Mia Sarosi

The UK’s most exciting craftsperson and ceramic artist - Mia Sarosi - brings contemporary art to fine porcelain. After a 7-yr stint as a working artist in an English Delftware studio and completing a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QEST), self-taught Sarosi started her own line of handmade functional and decorative pieces. Working out of her Oxfordshire studio, her illustrations are idiosyncratic, her designs highly original. She hand-throws and hand-paints all her collectable pieces - we love the wild, effusive style of her latest collection - Fireworks.

“I have many sources of inspiration, the natural world is a huge resource - but I also like to create work from philosophical ideas or literature. I am also inspired by the ordinary things in day to day life - it’s important to notice the little things around me. I always start with an idea or image that I find interesting or inspiring and I think would make a good form or design. I then do a lot of sketching and research before I make some samples. And I always respectfully acknowledge the kiln ‘gods’!”

- Mia Sarosi